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Generic P2 Self Assessment Guide

Anyone familiar with Florida's Clean Marina and Boatyard Program knows of the
excellent workbook created for this Program and its popularity with marina
owners. (Especially those hoping to be certified by the State as "Clean")  It
contains video commentary and instruction, colorfully tabbed, easy to read
sections with Do's and Don'ts photos, self evaluation score sheets and easy
references to resources, general legislation, etc.  Perhaps its greatest
attribute is it's "simplicity".  It is very user friendly.
A small group of us in Florida, (hopefully to be lead by the Florida
Pollution Prevention Roundtable) are contemplating the creation of a
similarly, generic and simple P2 Self-Assessment Guide. This will be a unique
tool for use by small to medium operations in all sectors of industry across
the entire State. 
To eliminate the risk of  "reinventing the wheel", we were wondering if a
simple and generic " P2 Self Assessment Workbook/Guide" already exists.  More
importantly if it does exist, would the creators be willing to share it with
With fingers crossed, we await your comments.
"Together we can make a difference"
Deborah MacCormac
Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Orlando
P2 /Special Projects


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