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thank you, TURI to continue work

Dear P2Tech,

The Institute's Director, Ken Geiser, has requested I send this out to you.
Janet Clark

Dear Colleagues,
There is good news.  This past several weeks of struggle to protect the 
state budget for the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute budget 
has ended in success.  On Monday, June 16, the Massachusetts Legislature 
voted to override the state Governor's line item veto that would have 
forced a serious reduction in the services of the Institute.

The Governor's veto was an unexpected (and, perhaps, inadvertent) result of 
a dramatic budget cutting exercise carried out by a new Governor.  There is 
no evidence of  malevolent intent or a weakening of government support for 
toxics use reduction in Massachusetts.  Still, this sudden veto placed the 
Institute in serious jeopardy.

For twelve years the Toxics Use Reduction Institute has been a major force 
in promoting pollution prevention, cleaner production and safer workplaces 
and communities in Massachusetts.  We are proud of these many years of 
accomplishments and pleased that the Institute has served as a model and 
resource for many outside of the Commonwealth who are also struggling to 
promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

Many people, organizations, and firms here in Massachusetts sent letters, 
e-mailed messages, placed phone calls and sent faxes in support of the 
Institute.  During the past several days hundreds of messages were sent to 
the leadership within the House of Representatives from colleagues and 
friends across the country and around the world.  The speed with which the 
proposed override was brought to the floor first thing on Monday morning 
suggests the impact that all of these messages finally had on the 
leadership's considerations.

The Institute staff and I are enormously grateful for all of the concern 
and support offered by so many colleagues.  We heartily wish to thank you 
for the messages that you sent.  Continuing to work here and carry out the 
mission of the Institute is a richly rewarding task because we know that 
our efforts are a part of a larger movement.  Together, we remain dedicated 
to reducing pollution at the source, substituting the use of toxic and 
hazardous materials, and converting our production and consumption 
processes to fit more comfortably into a sustainable economy.

We still have a serious volume of work ahead, we are grateful to be able to 
carry it on this next year, and we deeply appreciate the respect and 
appreciation so many people displayed during these past several 
days.   Thank you.  Thank you, very much.


Ken Geiser
Director of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute.

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