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SEC registration is necessary when a firm raises capital through public markets. It would be somewhat novel, I believe, for a firm to spin off a subsidiary for this purpose, but certainly feasible in a legal sense. Presumably the plant is owned by a firm which itself is publicy traded. They need to talk to their investment banker about marketability as a publicy traded security. They can also discuss comparable deals to assess the appropriate valuation...The banker would perform the research as part of its due diligence.
Nick Gill
Environmental Business & Tech Center
UMass Boston

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	Date: ven. 7/18/2003 11:10 
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	Objet: SEC funding for biomass-fueled energy production?

	Hi, all -
	This one's a little off the beaten path.  Here's a request for information
	I received, and am having some trouble finding an answer.  It's outta my
	realm of expertise.  Does your collective wisdom and experience of  have an
	"The project I am working on is an electric generation plant that is in
	operation.  For over a decade it used coal as its only fuel.  That became
	unprofitable.  Now, the plant uses waste wood, tires, and coal.  Now the
	plant is profitable.
	The desire of the owners is to enter the market of SEC registered
	securities, primarily for debt but also for some equity.
	My question is, do you know of any firm that has used SEC registered
	securities to fund a biomass electricity generation plant?
	I am beginning to suspect that the answer is "zero", but that usually is an
	incorrect answer.
	If you can provide any hints on a firm that might fit this bill,  that
	would be helpful. "
	Thanks  in advance -
	Richard Yoder, PE
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