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EPA's Climate and Waste Program Seeking Input on New Greenhouse Gas Tool

forwarded from Henry Ferland, EPA

EPA's Climate and Waste Program Seeking Input on New Greenhouse Gas Tool

The EPA's Climate and Waste Program is inviting input on a new
Manufacturing and Purchasing Greenhouse Gas (MAP-GHG) tool that allows
users to calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits of using recycled
inputs in the materials they manufacture and/or purchase.

For more background on EPA's analysis of climate change and waste
management, check out the report entitled: Solid Waste Management and
Greenhouse Gases: A Life-Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
and Sinks at

This report serves as the basis for the emission factors used in the
MAP-GHG tool.  In addition, users are encouraged to check out EPA's
WAste Reduction Model (WARM), which estimates life-cycle GHG emissions
for user-defined baseline and alternate scenarios for the following
waste management activities: source reduction, recycling, composting,
combustion, and landfilling.  Like MAP-GHG, WARM calculates the benefits
of shifting from current practices (e.g., landfilling) to more
GHG-friendly practices (e.g., source reduction).

Before finalizing the new MAP-GHG tool, EPA is seeking feedback from the
public on the design and content of the tool.  These comments will
ensure that the new tool is user friendly and provides valuable
information.  Since we hope to make this tool available as soon as
possible, we are asking for any input by August 29; however, we will
continue to revise the tool in the future to make it more user-friendly
and to keep it updated with our latest GHG emission factors.

To receive a copy of the MAP-GHG tool (in Microsoft Excel format),
please submit an email request to Anne Choate of ICF Consulting, EPA's
contractor for this task, at achoate@icfconsulting.com.  Comments on the
tool should be submitted to Anne Choate by August 29, 2003.  If you have
additional questions on this new tool, or general questions about EPA's
Climate and Waste Program, please contact Henry Ferland at (703)
308-7269 or ferland.henry@epa.gov.

Henry Ferland, Coordinator
OSW's Climate and Waste Program
(703) 308-7269
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC  20460

Michelle Gaither
Tech Lead
Pollution Prevention Resource Center