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Papers, Case Studies or Power Points on Zero Discharge/Zero Regulations

Hey Gang,

I hope this message finds you well.

"Making the Regulatory Process Irrelevant" is the topic of a
presentation my boss is being asked to give at the Water Environment
Federation technical conference in L.A. October 11-15, 2003.

If you have relevant case studies, papers or Power Point presentations
on a zero discharge facility, or Green/Sustainable manufacturer that
resulted in zero or near zero discharge, please send them to me. I
realize zero discharge may just mean a media transfer, so please send
examples where a net reduction - true P2 - occurred. The ideal examples
would detail the pollution and regulations which the company avoided.

I greatly appreciate your assistance.

Below is a brief description of the session:

Industrial Issues and Treatment Technology: Pretreatment, Green and
Sustainable Manufacturing Initiatives in Los Angeles and Nation-Wide

This session will focus on Pre-Treatment and Advanced Treatment
Initiatives, Industry Response to these Initiatives, and The Trend
towards Green and Sustainable Manufacturing Practices.

This special invited session will consist of two invited regulators, one
from U.S. EPA – Region 9, and the other from the Los Angeles County
Sanitation District (LACSD).  They will be followed by industrial
representatives who will detail, programmatically, and with real
examples, how affected industry have or may react to previous rules and
more importantly, how these groups see their facilities and companies
staying ahead of the regulatory curve in the coming years.


Leif Magnuson
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region IX, WST-7
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA  94105
(415) 972-3286 Tel
(415) 947-3530 Fax
www.epa.gov/region09/p2)ל+!^uyKjG"wfz(Hm 歕wNrybXǧvf&j:+vVz޷^rjwn˛mv!{ayʇzh-z+yewުya0Vz޷b?k^rל)