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Re: Distilled acetone-unpleasant odor

Title: Distilled acetone-unpleasant odor
If you cover the smell with another smell, the user may
think it really isn't acetone.  There are plenty of scent maskers
on the market (look under wastewater in your searches), but
many times they smell like bad lemons or bad oranges.
Blending may be the only option, but they may want to
look at their distillation.  They may need to lower the rate or
temperature of the pot.  Also, the smell may only be in the first
10% or the last 10% of the amount distilled.
Henry Boyter, Jr., PhD
Research Fellow
Institute of Textile Technology
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Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 2:55 PM
Subject: Distilled acetone-unpleasant odor

A company wants to distill spent acetone (spent paint waste and gun cleaner).  New
solvent (essentially acetone) has more appealing odor than acetone that
has been distilled for reuse.  Is there an additive that they could put into the
distillate that would make the acetone smell better?  They are thinking about
blending the distillate with product to impart the new product "smell" if
an additive can't be found.  Reply to RPAR461@ecy.wa.gov or 509-329-3533.
I searched the archives to no avail.