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Pollution Prevention promotional banner

I'm working on creating an inexpensive, laminated P2 banner to take with me
to frequent public outreach events. Want to get the words "Pollution
Prevention" up in plain view. 
Am looking for a creative bi-line that captures the essence of reducing
pollution at the source,  that is more self-explanatory.  Created
"Pre-production waste reduction" that has a nice ring to it, but somehow it
narrows P2 to manufacturing functions. Was wondering if anyone out there had
something better and would be willing to share their idea. 
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - Orlando

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	From: Thomas Vinson [mailto:TVINSON@tceq.state.tx.us] 
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	Subject: Pollution Prevention Workshop Dallas Sept 18-19

	The TCEQ is pleased to offer three Pollution Prevention (P2)
Workshops this Fall to assist the regulated community. Details and
registration information are available at:
	These workshops provide you the opportunity to learn about P2
planning requirements from the TCEQ staff, how to incorporate pollution
prevention into facility operations, and utilize pollution prevention
resources and technologies to save money through increased efficiency.
	The first workshop is September 18-19 in Dallas. We have extended the
early registration due date until September 15.  If you plan to attend,
please register now so you can take advantage of the cheaper rate.
	We have two more workshops in Houston (October 16-17) and Austin
(November 6-7).
	NOTE:  Wastewater operators and MSW operators can get up to 12 hours
of continuing education credits for attending this workshop.
	* Texas Waste Reduction Policy Act REQUIREMENTS
	Texas' Waste Reduction Policy Act (WRPA), 30 TAC Chapter 335,
Subchapter Q requires that TRI Form R reporters and/or large- and
small-quantity generators of hazardous waste prepare a five-year Pollution
Prevention plan.  Facilities are required to keep this plan onsite and submit
an executive summary of the plan to the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality (TCEQ). 
	Tomas Vinson-Peng
	Fax: 512/239-3165
	Phone: 512/239-3182
	Engineering Specialist
	Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
	PO Box 13087
	Austin, Tx 78711-3087
	Disclaimer:  Regulatory guidance  e-mails are provided to quickly get
you an answer to legal requirements.  They are not a substitute for
compliance with the regulation, but guidance based on the best information
available to the staff of TNRCC at the time.
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