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Request for response

Dear Listserv Members,

Please take a few moments to complete the PNEAC user survey at: http://www.pneac.org/ I sent a message out to all of you approximately two weeks ago about this. 

So far only 1 person in the technical assistance community has done it.  That's rather sad.   We also have had 3 in Government non-regulatory agencies, 4 in regulatory agencies, 10 printers, 3 vendors, 3 in trade associations, 4 in "others" that have completed it.  So maybe you did it as one of those categories.  But if you haven't and there are others in your organization that should be haven't, please take a moment now to "just do it." 

Of course, the less that do it the better your chances are of winning the gift certificate.  But you can't win if you don't enter.  Unlike some areas of the country (or special cities located in the Great Lakes Region, you can only vote once.  (Just kidding)

Seriously, we do want your input.  We need to support each other in our efforts to develop and deliver information resources.

Have a good week.


Debra Jacobson
Executive Director
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR)
c/o  WMRC - IDNR
1010 Jorie Blvd, Suite 12
Oakbrook, IL  60523
630/472-5023 Fax