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<<< JFS DIGEST >>> 15 - 21 Sep. 2003

  What's New This Week from Japan for Sustainability
                (15 - 21 Sep. 2003)

We present this month a new cartoon, "Waste Side Story" on the High Moon Gallery.
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  Newly Arrived Articles from Japan for Sustainability
                (15 - 21 Sep. 2003)

Mitsubishi Plastics Starts Eco-Labeling

Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. has established an environmental labelling system
and indicates products carrying this label in the company catalog, to allow
customers to identify the company's environmentally-friendly products more
easily. Mitsubishi Plastics is Japan's first industrial materials producer
to establish an environmental label.

Japan's Star Watching Program Tracks Air and Light Pollution

Japan's Ministry of the Environment has been conducting an ongoing
national program of star observations it calls the "Star Watching Network"
twice a year, in summer and winter, since 1988. The aim of this program is
to raise environmental awareness by tracking light and air pollution,
through star observation. Participants apply through their prefectural
governments, observe stars within a predetermined time frame of two weeks,
and submit a report.

World's Largest Life Cycle Assessment Database Goes Live

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has been developing
a database for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which quantifies a product's
impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. The Ministry began
operating the database on a trial basis in August 2003.

Kyoto Experiments with Eco-Energy Electricity Supply

Japan's Kyoto Prefecture has launched the Kyoto Eco-energy Project,
a pilot project in Yasaka Town that aims to demonstrate the use of
renewable energy to provide a stable power supply.

Lion Corp. Conducts Environmental Survey of Homemakers

Lion Corporation, a major Japanese manufacturer of home products such
as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and detergent, conducted a survey
from April to May, 2003 of homemakers' environmental awareness and
purchase behavior. The 208 respondents were in their 20s, 30s, or 40s,
all with children.

Environmental Education Law Enacted

The Law Relating to the Increase of Motivation for Environmental
Conservation and the Promotion of Environmental Education, or
Environmental Education Law, was enacted recently by the National Diet
of Japan. The law aims to promote training for instructors and
implementation of environmental education in schools, workplaces and

Ito En Develops Plastic that Incorporates Used Tea Leaves

Ito En Ltd., a major supplier of tea leaves and beverage products in
Japan, announced that it has developed a plastic that incorporates
used tea leaves left over from making canned and bottled tea products.
The discovery was made jointly with NOF Corporation, a world renowned
manufacturer of organic peroxides.

Concern about Rice Harvest Raises Wholesale Prices in Japan

Concern about farm products is growing due to prolonged low temperatures
and a shortage of sunshine since late June 2003, especially in northern
Japan. This abnormal weather was predicted likely to continue.

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