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RE: The P2 Act of 1990

It's a sad testimony to learn that the P2 Program had such a humble and
backhanded legislative birth. Imagine where P2 would be today if instead it
had been wholeheartedly supported, adopted and promoted. 
That said, it is also a superb testimony to dedicated environmentalists
across this country, in that despite its unceremonious beginnings P2 can now
lay claim to many extraordinary accomplishments.  
On a much, much smaller scale this story bears some resemblance to the story
of the birth of a great nation that we all know and love. Interesting.
Kindest Regards
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - Orlando
P2 -Special Projects.
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	You can find it hidden in H.R. 5835 passed by the101st Congress. The
bill’s name is: “To provide for reconciliation pursuant to section 4 of the
concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 1991”. Sponsored by Rep
Leon Panetta (now there is a flash from the past). The real story on how this
bill passed is a real example of “how you do not want to see sausage or
legislation made”. Hope this helps.
	Gary Hunt
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	There was no separate "Pollution Prevention Act of 1990" passed by
Congress.  It was buried in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990.
It took people several weeks to find it in the thick document that Congress
uses to move many of its pork barrel issues.  Those of you that were around
in these times remember that Congress had trouble passing this legislation.
It made it through the Senate a few times but the House resisted it.  It
never went to Conference committee.  So it was interesting to see whether it
was the House or Senate version that got buried in OBRA-1990.  It was
intrigue like we have never seen before.  No one at EPA knew that this was
happening and it took several days for it to be found.  Everyone was happy,
but it did not use the word pollution prevention anywhere except in the
title.  The Assistant Administrator issued a memorandum defining Pollution
Prevention as Source Reduction - the term used in the "Act."  Unlike the
other pork barrel issues in OBRA, I do not think any money was aloted to the
implementation of this Act.... another unfunded mandate.  I think Thomas
<http://thomas.loc.gov/> might be a good source for OBRA-1990 information.
Good luck.
	Bob Pojasek
	At 11:23 AM 10/13/2003 -0400, you wrote:
	Hello All& 
	We are looking for an official copy of the Pollution Prevention Act
of 1990 (42 USC Chapter 133).  There many websites with the text, but I am
trying to find a clean pdf of the original act.  I know this sounds like a
simple request, but a thorough Internet search has not produced a copy.  Any
help would be appreciated.  
	Thank you! 
	Jill Engel-Cox 
	Dr. Robert B. Pojasek
	Pojasek & Associates
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	E. Arlington, MA 02474-0071
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