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RE: Seeking a lean method to remove moisture from anodizedparts

Title: RE: Seeking a lean method to remove moisture from anodized parts

Hi Judith,

Let me offer you some guesses and you can take it from there. I would first find out if something more than simple drying is going on. An air knife will remove surface moisture but it won't remove the water that could be trapped in the pores of the anodized finish.  It's possible your client needs to bake these parts to ensure a bone-dry finish. This baking step may also be required per specification. If so, air drying won't cut it. Also, you run the risk of blowing oil onto the part unless you use an oil-free blower. And you need to have a desiccant dryer to ensure that the air is free of moisture!

That said, you could look into using an infra-red oven.  That would avoid heating up all of that air.  You would probably be looking at a conveyor line unit with the parts moving through in single file.  The speed of the line would set the drying time.  You'll also need a section to allow for cool-off since 200 F is too hot to safely handle.  Your biggest problem though might be overheating or under heating certain areas of the parts. Although, with frequent opening and closing of the convection ovens, your client probably doesn't have even heating right now.

You might also look into going with multiple convention ovens sized for one or two parts.  Maybe a bunch of glorified toaster ovens. This way, you wouldn't lose all of the heat when one oven was opened.  At one batch per minute over 10 to 20 minutes, you would need 10 to 20 ovens.  You might also be able to find an oven with multiple doors that can be opened individually. This would allow the part to be removed without losing all of the heat. The one downside of this is that the parts would have to be removed while hot. If a cool down period is required, then multiple small ovens would be a better approach.  Just some thoughts.

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Subject: Seeking a lean method to remove moisture from anodized parts

I have a anodizing client who is on the lean journey.  He has reduced his batch
size but has encountered this problem.  He needs a method to remove all moisture
from his parts without staining or otherwise adversely impacting the finished
appearance. The parts are normally batched and loaded into a convection oven at
200F for 10 to 30 minutes until dried and then removed and packaged for
shipment.  Because he has reduced his batch size, he now needs to open and close
the oven door very frequently, which releases heat (energy loss).  Frequencies
of drying  a batch per minute are contemplated.   This is counter to efforts to
become lean and approach one piece flow.

Any ideas for an alternative to the existing oven that will accomplish the goal
of drying the parts without adversely impacting appearance of the anodized
parts, but enable small, frequent batch sizes?  Air knives and/or continuous
conveyor-type ovens are possibilities.  Any experiences with these in this type
of application?    Additionally, we don't want to negatively impact other
aspects of the company such as increasing energy costs or environmental impacts.
So.... any help would be most appreciated.

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