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FW: list serve question

We are working with a company that produces high quality woven baskets.  The company shaves the weaving and structural webbing from hardwood (Ash) and dips the woven basket in a “Honey Stain,” trade name, “Glyptal,” that is a blend of Xylene (27%),  Butyl Acetate (20%),  Propanol (17%) and several other solvents and tints.  While they have substituted an aqueous stain for the hard-cover basket lids, they cannot use a water-based stain on the webbing pieces because they are very thin and swell or warp too much to make into an acceptable product.  They are still experimenting with water stain coupled with air knives or fast drying but the results aren’t promising.


Does anyone know of a less-toxic stain that might impart the color and preserving qualities needed?  Is there an additive, a product or a process that might make the use of a water-based stain possible?


Paul L. Lockwood

NH Dept. of Environmental Services

6 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03301

(603) 271-2956