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Reminder: Please Complete the National Compliance AssistanceClearinghouse User Survey and Register to win a Palm Pilot


I am forwarding this on behalf of Emily Chow and the National
Environmental Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse.  While not strictly
P2, I think most of us have found that compliance assistance and P2
assistance go hand-in-hand:

- compliance with regulations is often a useful tool in
encouraging/providing incentives for P2.
- P2 can be an effective part of a compliance assistance strategy.
Ideally, P2 can bring about the best kind of compliance, which is to
allow companies to slip below regulatory thresholds.

In this spirit, the Clearinghouse includes quite a few P2 resources and
will be adding more as time goes by.

Also in this spirit, I hope you'll take the time to fill out our user

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov)
Lead developer, National Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse
This is a Reminder - Please fill out the Clearinghouse online survey by
Oct. 30, 2003.   It will help us improve the National Environmental
Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse to better serve you!

EPA launched the National Environmental Compliance Assistance
Clearinghouse to help the assistance providers and the industry find
compliance assistance information quickly.  The Clearinghouse was
developed with the assistance from the states, industry, academic
institutions, & other organizations.  The Clearinghouse also contains
many unique features to foster information exchange, which in turn will
promote better collaboration and planning.

EPA wants to be certain that the Clearinghouse is providing the services
you need.  If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please visit the
Clearinghouse at www.epa.gov/clearinghouse and fill out a short survey
to let us know how we can improve.  Improvement of the Clearinghouse is
made on a regular basis and the survey will take no more than 5 minutes
to complete.  By filling out the survey before October 30, 2003, you
will be eligible for a drawing to receive a survey promotion.  This is a
quick way to help us serve you better and a chance to win a free gift.
Visit the Clearinghouse now!

Emily Chow
US Env. Protection Agency
(202) 564-7071
(202) 564-0009 (fax)

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