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Substitute for Zinc Primer

As shown in Chapter 4 of the US EPA's P2 Guide, it would may be fruitful 
for the company to conduct a "root cause analysis" of this problem.  There 
are an infinite combination of methods, people, technology (equipment) and 
materials that may contribute to his problem.  By focusing on the materials 
alone (ignoring all the other factors) it is much less likely that he will 
find an optimal solution or a path to an optimal solution to the 
problem.  The cause and effect diagram is the most widely used problem 
solving tool in the world.  It is designed just for situations like 
this.  Technical assistance providers that have attended the free EPA 
training sessions on the P2 Guide have practiced using this important 
tool.  The results in terms of generating alternative solutions are 
outstanding.  It is clearly superior to the search for "right answers" in 
the absence of root cause analysis.  Perhaps his quality department is 
experienced in the use of root cause analysis.  A paper on root cause 
analysis can be found on my web site 
The EPA publication, "An Organizational Guide to Pollution Prevention," is 
also on my web site.  I hope this will help move him forward.

Bob Pojasek

Part two of his regulatory issues is where I need your help. He is
currently using a zinc primer with 6.4 lbs voc/gal. which puts him into
non-compliance with his permit. His permit states that he must use
coatings with a 3.5 lbs. voc/gallon or less content. He has said to me
that any time he tries an alternative primer, his product experiences
peeling or flaking of the paint coating.
Does anyone know of any proven alternatives to using zinc primer for
steels and aluminum substrates. I even pointed him in the direction of
the coating alternatives guide which he says did not help. Thanks in
advance for your help.
Tammy L. Allen

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