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DOE Extends Funding Deadline for Chemical Industry R&D Solicitation

Title: DOE Extends Funding Deadline for Chemical Industry R&D Solicitation

P2TECH-ies --

Those of you working with the Chemical Industry in a P2 promotion role, might find the following to be useful.  Up to $4M is available (subject to eligibility and cost-share requirements) in FY04 for chemical industry projects demonstrating energy savings and environmental benefits.  Specific attention is being paid to catalytic oxidation and distillation technologies, but other concepts are eligible.  For more information, check out our quick synopsis of the solicitation (trust me, it's easier to digest than the 30+ pages of the original):


Also, ChemAlliance is very interested in hearing about successful bids to partcipate in this program, so that we can report them to our readers.  If you or your organization end up submitting a winning bid to this program, please let me know so we can profile the effort!

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