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New Edition of Cutting Fluid Manual from IWRC

The 3rd Edition of the Cutting Fluid Management for Small Machining Operations manual was just released. The manual reviews cutting fluid characteristics and functions in small facilities, including oil-based, ag-based and chemical cutting fluids. It includes an overview of fluid properties such as corrosion protection, stability/rancidity control, transparency and viscosity, and health and safety considerations. Information on new technology in alternative product such as ag-based cutting fluids and cryogenic nitrogen use was added.

This manual details cutting fluid management for pollution prevention incorporating fluid monitoring and maintenance measures such as fluid preparation, concentration, pH and microbial contamination. The manual also addresses recycling issues and the environmental regulations surrounding waste disposal.

The Cutting Fluid Management for Small Machining Operations manual can be downloaded at: http://www.iwrc.org/pubs/manuals.cfm#Pers4. Printed copies are also available (free to listserv participants by replying to this email). We mailed it to all machine shops in Iowa for a total of 470 - so definitely a sector worth looking at for outreach.

Cutting fluid systems are complex, biologically active, and constantly changing in response to conditions of use. They can however be maintained in a stable condition over relatively long periods of time by using a well thought-out and consistently enforced fluid management plan, in which key elements of the program and the individual(s) responsible for their implementation are identified.

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