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investment principles any good?

Hi P2Techies,

Is anyone familiar with the "Equator Principles" framework for managing environmental and social principles in projects management?  If you look at the website,

and link to the World Bank document on "Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook", click through to the "Implementing Policies in Practice" section and look there for "Principles of Waste Avoidance ad Utilization" and then "Basic Principles", there is quite a high level of p2 sophistication. 

From the technical perspective, do the principles carry through in the guidances for sectors?  (I have attached the electronics sector guidance)

Has anyone worked with this framework?  Do any of your companies care about this list of banks?  Citigroup is listed, by the way.

Janet Clark
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Adjusted for production, TURA filers have decreased their toxic chemical use
by 45% and are generating 69% less byproducts. During this same eleven years,
core TURA filers reported an overall 45% increase in production.

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