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lead-free aprons

Although I don't know about disposal, I previously compiled this list
of vendors of lead-free radiation protective aprons & clothing, so you
can prevent this type of waste.

Effective, non-lead aprons for radiation protection are available from many
different vendors.

The vendors I spoke with (Pulse Medical and Bar-Ray) told me these lead-free aprons were not hazardous waste when disposed, but I could not obtain any further details about their composition except that they are made from a tin alloy. Some vendors list the comparable protection of these aprons in KVP on their websites.

Gordy Boyce of Pulse Medical told me that for lightweight aprons, the non-lead are 10-15% more expensive than the lead, but for heavyweight, the non-lead are actually cheaper. As an example, his list price on a 2-piece lightweight protection lead apron is $435 and non-lead is $470. Of course, actual price depends on volume and location. You can reach him at 800-342-5973.

Comparing hazwaste costs for these at end-of-life may provide the incentive to pony up the extra cost. Or, if you are buying both lightweight and heavy-weight aprons, the savings on the heavy-weights might pay for the premium on the lightweight.

Here are some vendors who sell these alternatives:

Pulse Medical ("Enviro-Safe Lite"): http://www.rci-pulsemed.com/lead.html

Bar-Ray Products ("EarthSafe Plus"): http://www.bar-ray.com/ppfg.html

Pro-Tech Medical (Scroll Down for Description of NL-Ply Lead-Free Option):

Shielding International ("NL-Ply"):

MarShield (Non-lead alternative for suits):

Lara Sutherland
Senior Research Associate
Phone: 303-377-7048
Fax: 303-377-7049

Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 1:11:10 PM, Chuck wrote:

CB> X-ray technicians in medical, dental, and veterinary offices frequently
CB> must discard worn lead-lined protective aprons.  Most probably they wind
CB> up in a dumpster.  Does anyone know of any programs for recycling or
CB> reusing the lead from these aprons?   Thanks very much.
CB> Chuck Boelkins
CB> Resource Recovery Specialist
CB> Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
CB> Georgia DNR  www.p2ad.org  
CB> 7 MLK Jr. Dr.,  Suite 450,  Atlanta GA  30334
CB> chuck_boelkins@p2ad.org 
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CB> Waste is a resource in the wrong place

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