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Looking for your P2 videos to add to the library

Hi, and sorry for the cross-posting

      The Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC), with
funding from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality is
spearheading a project to make pollution prevention and waste reduction
videos easily accessible to educators worldwide. P2RIC is in the process of
collecting, digitizing and cataloging these videos to create an online
library. This unique collection will complement the document library
implemented by the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx). The
purpose of this project is to provide better access to incredibly useful
resources for waste reduction educators and service providers.
      This invaluable on-line resource is the first of its kind for this
subject matter. The online library has been started, but we are inviting
you to suggest your favorite P2-related videos to include in the
      The link below will take you to the current library. We are still
adding features that will allow the addition of abstracts for every
chapter. The videos that currently have abstracts posted are Cost Reduction
through Waste Reduction, EMS for Printers - It's a Bottom Line Benefit, and
Waste Not Want Not. These videos will give you a better idea of the look of
the final product.


Many organizations have produced wonderful videos that would be a
tremendous addition to this library. If your organization has produced or
knows of videos that pertain to pollution prevention and would like them to
be included in this library, please contact Dan O’Dell at (402) 595-1823,
or via email at dpodell@mail.unomaha.edu.
      Thank you for your aid in making this important collection a reality.

-Dan O’Dell
Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center
(402) 595-1823
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