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RE: Restaurant grease trap waste

NC DPPEA has done a lot with its Fats Oil and Grease program (FOG)
Here is a web site with information on its efforts to keep it out of sewer systems including case studies.
John Calcagni
Waste Reduction Resource Center
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Subject: Restaurant grease trap waste

I did not find an answer to this question on the archives and hope that one of you has some experience with this issue.  I posted it on a POTW listserve with no response, so appreciate your input!
Restaurant grease trap waste is usually pumped out of traps, solidified and sent to the landfill with a special waste authorization.  In some part of the state the grease is provided to rendering plants that add it to animal feed.  In rural areas there is a concern that the material is land applied illegally.

Does anyone know of vendors or contacts that are doing or using new or different equipment to pump and haul grease from grease traps?  Contacts that are utilizing a different disposal method?  What happens to this grease in your state?


Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

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