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RE: Restaurant grease trap waste

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We did a series of workshops around the state with restaurant associations and sewage treatment authorities, which grew out of our asking POTWs which toxic discharges could we help them prevent and them saying Grease!  The grease floats on top of the water and encourages the wrong kind of microorganism growth.  Also, it sometimes clogs and blocks the pipes. 
We talked not just about what they could do with it besides send it down the pipe, which included a variety of options.  (One company (Venturi Aeration) oxygenated it, and added grease-eating microbes which broke it down to below FOG (fats, oils & grease) discharge limits.  Another company (Twin Rivers) took it to make Biodiesel.  Another said it went to feed geese or pigs in Haiti.  There are lots of options.  As I recall in more primitive times your average family made it into soap.
We also talked about training workers not to pour it down the drain.  There was also information about how to use fryolaters properly.
I just heard the other day about a site visit to a hospital cafeteria and a quick look at the grease trap - no one had apparently looked at it for years.  These things are sometimes completely forgotten and become completely disgusting.  That can get people's attention on a visit.  
We also worked with the plumbing board to update the rules and ensure they had people's attention.
The restaurant association was delighted to work with us.  They don't want the local POTW smelling, and they don't want the disruption of shut down operations when pipes are clogged.  If you want to make the event fun, ask Matt Groening to let you use that Simpson's episode where he and Bart realize the stuff has value. 
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I did not find an answer to this question on the archives and hope that one of you has some experience with this issue.  I posted it on a POTW listserve with no response, so appreciate your input!
Restaurant grease trap waste is usually pumped out of traps, solidified and sent to the landfill with a special waste authorization.  In some part of the state the grease is provided to rendering plants that add it to animal feed.  In rural areas there is a concern that the material is land applied illegally.

Does anyone know of vendors or contacts that are doing or using new or different equipment to pump and haul grease from grease traps?  Contacts that are utilizing a different disposal method?  What happens to this grease in your state?


Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

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