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Seeking Resources on how to Develop and Run Certification Programs

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Hello -
This is not quite a P2 question, but I thought some of you might be able to send me in the right direction regardless.
I am doing an independent study in which I will examine how to develop a safe injection certification program for health care facilities in India. 
There is certainly lots of information out there on eco-labeling and certification programs, but I am finding discouraging little on certification programs in the health care arena.  I have come across a few - Egypt’s Gold Star, the Philippines’ Sentrong Sigla, and PROQUALI in Brazil - but I am hoping that there are more success stories!!  If anyone can direct me to resources on this subject (doesn't have to be developing country or South Asia specific), I would greatly appreciate it. 
General publications on how to design and run a successful certification program would also be appreciated.

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