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RFP on the web

 March 31, 2004                                                      
 EPA’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics expects to have     
 approximately $1 million available in fiscal year 2004 to fund the  
 Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN). The Pollution      
 Prevention Act of 1990 provides for funding States to strengthen    
 the efficiency and effectiveness of State technical assistance      
 programs in providing source reduction information to businesses.   
 Proposals should describe how the applicant will work as part of a  
 collective nationwide service, promoting pollution prevention       
 practices and technologies. Applicants must publically report use   
 of their services and utilize State and Local representatives to    
 guide and evaluate their services. Applicants must be an agency or  
 instrumentality of a State (including State universities) or any    
 territory or possession of the United States. Federally recognized  
 Indian tribes or intertribal consortia that meet the requirement    
 for treatment in a manner similar to a State may also apply.        
 Cooperative agreements will be awarded under the authority of the   
 Pollution Prevention Act of 1990.                                   


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