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NPPR accepting applications for MVP2 Awards

Please post the following:

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) announces the
application period for the Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2)
Awards.  The application deadline is May 17, 2004 (post marked).

Since 1998, NPPR has been recognizing outstanding P2 efforts. The 2004
MVP2 Awards will attempt to recognize at least one program/project from
each of the following types of organization:  Local government; State
government; Federal government; Tribal; Not-for-profit; and private

As in the past, the awards will recognize those projects with continuing
dedication to pollution prevention (P2). Third party judges will use the
following criteria to evaluate applications:  Innovation in pollution
prevention; Measurable P2 results; Transferability to other P2 projects
or programs; Commitment to P2; Optimization of available P2 project

In addition to outstanding projects, there is an Environmental Writing
award that recognizes publications that have had a major impact in the
area of P2 and are judged on originality, impact and quality. Eligible
publications include, but are not limited to, books, fact sheets or case
studies, articles in popular press, peer reviewed journal articles, and
editorials or opinion letters. Nominated publications should address
ideas such as highlighting P2's public health, environmental, or
economic benefits, increasing the use of P2 such as multi-media
approaches to source reduction, or focusing greater attention on P2

NPPR gives the Volunteer of the Year Award to one individual whose
efforts have had an outstanding impact on implementing pollution
prevention in one or more of the following areas: Setting P2 vision and
strategies; Leading and directing P2 programs;
Implementing P2 projects; Significant impact on P2 achieved.

One may self nominate for all of these awards. An application can be
found on the NPPR website at http://www.p2.org/p2week/awards.cfm

Please mail to The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, 11 Dupont
Circle, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20036. Or fax to (202) 299-9704. 
There is a $35 application fee.  

Jeffrey J. Burke
Executive Director
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
11 DuPont Circle, NW; Suite 201
Washington, DC  20036
202 299-9701  PH
202 299-9704  FX
Please visit our website to learn about the National Environmental
Assistance Summit in April 2004.  www.p2.org/summit2004/

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