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Fw: FOG videos

followup to the FOG info request to the list - status below

please feel free to contact Dan directly

Richard Yoder, PE
Director, P2ric.org
1313 Farnam St. Ste. 230
Omaha, NE 68182
vox: 402-595-1653
fax: 402-595-2385

P2RIC, the Pollution Prevention
Regional Information Center, is
a proud member of the Pollution Prevention
Resource Exchange, P2Rx.org.

----- Forwarded by Rick Yoder/FACSTAFF/UNO/UNEBR on 04/09/2004 12:48 PM -----
"Daniel P O'Dell" <dpodell@mail.unomaha.edu>

04/09/2004 12:35 PM

ryoder@unomaha.edu, jwaters@mail.unomaha.edu
FOG videos

About a month ago there was a request from the list serve asking about
grease pit videos...

Today I received a tape from TCEQ that has a couple of PSAs and and couple
of videos on FOG in both English and Spanish. I should have them digitized
sometime early next week. I will let you know and send you the links. You
may want to pass word on to whoever was looking for the videos to begin
with. Thanks.

-Dan O'Dell
Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center
1313 Farnam St., Suite 230
Omaha, NE 68182-0254
(402) 595-1823