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Special issue of J of IE on Biobased Products & the Environment

Dear P2 colleagues,

The Journal of Industrial Ecology, a peer reviewed international quarterly published by MIT Press and owned by Yale University, has recently published a special issue on Bio-based products and the Environment.  The entire special issue is available on the web at <http://mitpress.mit.edu/JIE/bio-based> at no charge.

This issue delivers insightful, even provocative research covering a wide range of topics relating to the environmental impacts -- good and bad -- of the production, use and disposal of bioplastics, biofuels and other industrial products derived from agricultural products, residues and wastes.

An announcement with more information about the special issue is attached.

Yours truly,
Reid Lifset
Journal of Industrial Ecology

[please excuse any cross-postings, but do forward this announcement to others that might be interested]

Reid Lifset
Editor, Journal of Industrial Ecology
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Yale University
205 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT  06511-2189  USA
203-432-6949 (tel)
203-432-5912 (Fax)
reid.lifset@yale.edu (personal)
indecol@yale.edu (journal)

JIE - biobased special issue.pdf