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Get Credit for Being an Environmental Leader--MVP2 Awards

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Now is the time to submit your application for an MVP2 Award.  Applications 
are due June 4, and can be found at www.p2.org/p2week/awards.cfm.  Awards 
will be given in the following categories:  local government, state 
government, federal government, tribal, not for profit, and private 
industry.  Programs can be recognized for P2 projects, Volunteer of the 
Year, or Best P2 Publication.

In 2003, in the local government category, the City of Fort Collins, CO 
received an award for their Climate Wise Program.  This project is a 
business outreach program that encourages greenhouse gas reductions by 
promoting pollution prevention, including energy efficiency and 
transportation reduction, on a voluntary basis. With 26 businesses 
representing 40% of total commercial/industrial electric usage, 
participation levels far exceed program goals. Climate Wise provides an 
innovative and united venue for marketing a number of related City P2 se  
rvices in the areas of solid waste reduction, energy efficiency, green 
power, and transportation demand reduction to local business. In addition 
to the primary greenhouse gas reductions, the program is tracking savings 
in electric use and demand, natural gas usage, solid waste reduction and 
recycling, and water use.

And don't forget about the P2 Volunteer of the Year category.  Last year, 
our very own Mr. Ken Zarker received this award for providing exceptional 
leadership during a significant transition period for the National 
Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR). In addition to directing his own P2 
assistance program at Texas CEQ, he has given of his time to meet NPPR 
challenges and has worked hard to develop strategic partnerships with U.S. 
EPA, DOE and others.
Finally, in 2002, for the category "Best Publication Award" the Colorado 
Department of Public Health and Environment received an award for their 
document "Pollution Prevention at Ski Resorts".
Questions?  Contact Cindy McComas at MnTAP or Jeff Burke at NPPR at 

Cindy McComas, Director

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP)
University of Minnesota
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE, Suite 350
Minneapolis, MN  55455-2008
612-624-1300, 800-247-0015 (toll free)
fax 612-624-3370

Helping Minnesota businesses maximize resource efficiency, prevent 
pollution and reduce costs.

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