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Re: States with P2 language in Job Description.


Very interesting inquiry.  At WMRC we are not in the same agency as the environmental regulatory folks in Illinois.  But we have a P2 and Recycling Policy that all employees are expected to implement in their jobs and daily activities.  We have some overall performance measures but specific P2 measures are not generally in each person's annual evaluation list of responsibilities.  Attached is a copy of our policy.  A few years ago I was surprised to find out how few of us require environmentally-friendly specifications in our print orders.  I'm curious to find out how many of us practice what we preach in terms of daily P2 practices in our own offices.  I know we at WMRC have room for improvement.  I hope this is helpful.

Gary Miller
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center

At 04:33 PM 6/15/2004, Ihab H Farag wrote:
Tue June 15, 2004


One of our summer P2 interns is working with a state agency.

The agency wants to include P2 language in job descriptions. Basically the agency wants to add within the supplemental job
descriptions that the agency employees "will recycle, will
reduce energy use, will look for ways to improve the environment
while at work," etc.

Our intern is doing research to find if other states have done
this. If so, we would like to see the "language" in rules, human
resource documents, department policies, etc. In many cases,
department policies are not posted on the internet.

We welcome any help you can offer: names, phone numbers, e-mails,
web sites, reference books, case-studies, etc. Thanks.

Have a nice day.
Ihab Farag 1-603-862-2313

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