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Re: GulfTex Environmental Services

Thanks Chuck for saving us time reviewing the materials...there is much
snake oil out there to be sold...That is one area of P2 that can become
hectic...I do not mind new technologies and ideas, but like it when a
rep can provide actual support materials.  I am dealing with this now
with biodiesel plant developers...

Tammy L. Allen
Senior Environmental Specialist
Pollution Prevention and Resource Recovery Program
Pinellas County Environmental Management
512 S. Ft. Harrison Ave.
Clearwater, FL  33763

(727) 464-4761
Fax (727) 464-3174

e-mail: tallen@co.pinellas.fl.us

>>> "Chuck Boelkins" <Chuck_Boelkins@gadnr.org> Tuesday, July 06, 2004
9:18:12 AM >>>
Every few years, it seems, another company surfaces with claims that
they can transform garbage into gold using their "patented" technology. 
GulfTex appears to be the latest with their Pulverizer Air Dryer.  I
suspect that this undescribed technology has been purchased or licensed
from the owners of the Vortex Dehydration System (VDS) that has been
described here:  http://www.vortexdehydration.com/ 

I have called and talked with John "Whit" Davis at VDS but he danced
around my request to visit a plant in NC that supposedly has an
operational system for processing dead chickens.  Supposedly it's at a
Cagle's plant.  Nor would he give me data on the cost of energy per ton
of "saleable" product generated by the VDS.  

Please review carefully all the pages at www.vortexdehydration.com
before you start dreaming about earning millions of dollars.  When
something appears to be too good to be true it probably isn't.  About 4
years ago a company called Hydromex made similar claims for transforming
hazardous wastes into saleable products.  They too were seeking
investors.  Today their website has closed.   Remember folks, safety
lies in performing due diligence.

Chuck Boelkins
Resource Recovery Specialist
Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
Georgia DNR  www.p2ad.org  
7 MLK Jr. Dr.,  Suite 450,  Atlanta GA  30334
404-651-5585 voice
800-685-2443 voice
Waste is a resource in the wrong place

>>> "Seeh, Karen" <Karen_Seeh@unc.edu> 7/5/2004 11:05:14 PM >>>
Greetings P2Techers - 
Many months ago I received the following message from John Teague,
President of GulfTex Environmental Services in Texas, regarding a
potential business opportunity.  I have remained in contact with John
over the past few months, but I was unable to take on this opportunity
Specifically, GulfTex is looking for people to sell this technology in
the southeastern U.S. and - I presume - possibly other regions of the
U.S. and world.  I thought someone out there might be
interested+qualified or know someone who might be?  At the very least,
thought some of you might want to be aware of this technology could it
be of possible use.
Please see below for a technology and business model as well as the
positions that they are looking to fill (as of last December).  For
details, please contact John at:  john_teague@msn.com 
Karen Seeh
MBA Class of 2004
Kenan-Flagler Business School
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Home:  +1 919 968 8160
Mobile: +1 919 824 1564
www.kenan-flagler.unc.edu <http://www.kenan-flagler.unc.edu/>  

UNC Business - Shaping leaders, driving results

-----Original Message-----
From: John Teague [mailto:john_teague@msn.com] 
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 8:02 PM
To: Seeh, Karen
Subject: GreenBiz Reply

Ms. Seeh,

I read information about you in GreenBiz posting and was impressed by
your background and experience.

There is a good chance we can be of help to each other.  We have a
technology that could have a major impact in most basic industries and
are looking for the key initial " rainmakers " for each of five
industries to expand  as rapidly as we can. If you could be of
assistance, we would propose to work initially on a Finders Fee basis,
but this could grow into a fulltime regional representative position
with us from your present base in North Carolina.  Your pending MBA
environmental background could be of assistance to us both.

Our company is a rapidly expanding firm in the
finance/design/build/operate environmental technologies market. We
constantly seek opportunities as well as the management to oversee


Residue reduction, handling and disposal is still the single largest
operating costs for industrial, agricultural, municipal,  recycle and
other process recovery systems. Our combination of the three
technologies below provides us up to a 5 to 1 operating cost and a 2
1 capital costs advantage over the closest competition.

DEWATERING ( Proven Commercial Stage )

Operating Costs: Our technology can thicken a beginning 0.25 % Solids
an end 10 % Solids with no polymers added, allowing us to operate at
% of the cost of the nearest competition.

Capital Costs: There will be no capital costs to the customer. We
it on a wet ton toll basis. A 300 to 400 wet tons per day is less than
one half of the cost of the nearest competition.

DRYING: ( Proven Commercial Stage )

Operating Costs: Our patented Pulverizer Air Dryer ( " PAD " )
technology dries/reduces any 15 % TO 18 % Solids sludge to a 90 % or
greater  Solids powder at less than $ 2.00 per wet ton electrical
cost versus the
competitor's $ 10 to $ 25 / wet ton thermal BTU cost.

Capital Costs: There will be no capital costs to the customer. We
it on a wet ton toll basis. Our 10 wet ton / hour unit costs less than
one fifth of the next closest technology's.

DESALINATION: ( Development Stage )

Operating Costs: Our technology has the potential to remove 95 % to 98
of all dissolved solids in wastewater or water at an operating cost of
less than $ 0.25 per thousand gallons. The solids can come out in the
form of dry
powder with less than 10 % moisture.

Capital Costs: There will be no capital costs to the customer. We will
supply it on a wet ton toll basis. One 50 GPM unit is $ 75,000 and
a 10 HP motor

MOBILITY / COMPACTNESS One 45 foot trailer for each of the three

We operated a 75,000 ton/year demo plant in Denton, Texas, from
2000, through March, 2001. We then moved this unit and customized it
a Pulp and Paper Mill application in Louisiana. We now have a PAD
operating at the
Heartland Grain ethanol mill in Huron, SD. We are looking to commence
international operations with upcoming projects in Asia, Europe and
South America.

For example, in the ethanol industry, we can save the typical mill
$ 2 MM per year while reducing their emissions by 85 % AND produce an
end product with 20 to 50 % higher end value.

Another example, we are forming a JV with Hercules Inc wherein
will represent our technology in the 485 paper mills worldwide which
they service. They anticipate placing 18 PADs over the next 24 months
with the potential for substantial acceleration during and after that
time. Similar JV's are under discussion with a major industry player
each of the food, mining and dredging industries.

We have immediate upcoming projects throughout Canada and the USA. Our
technology was one of those chosen by NC State University out of over
425 technologies worldwide they evaluated for the solution to the hog
problem in the state.


Our growth plans are tied to a management structure very similar to a
franchise but without the investment requirement. In the USA, we have
chosen to set up the USA market in 10 regions in parallel with the US
EPA 10-region system. In Canada, we are setting it up as two regions.
Europe, we will probably consider it as one region and then deal with
the separate applications as separate regional operations.

For example, we would probably set up one regional support center to
handle the Middle Eastern market for all three applications.

National Applications Managers ( " NAM " ), by taking charge,
and setting up the 10 to 12 regions for any one of the twenty proven
applications, will have the opportunity to earn by sweat equity an
annual dividend
ranging from the mid to high 7 figure range. The low figure will apply
if the PAD technology is used only for the drying application. The
figure will apply if the NAM helps develop an after market for the end
products coming from the PAD.  

Regional Managers ( " RM " ) , hired by the NAM, helping to set up the
support structure for 20 to 40 such plants as described below, also
their sweat equity ownership with the opportunity to earn up to a mid
figure range dividend over a 5-year period. Each of these 20 to 40
plants will be the same as starting a new company from scratch, with
the attendant start-up challenges.

Each 25,000 to 75,000 ton/year plant will be set up with a Local
Manager, hired by the RM, earning a sweat equity 15 % of the plant by
performance he agrees to in advance. He can earn a mid 6 to low 7
dividend or more for this
five year contract period. This Local Manager will be married to the
plant - 60 of the most intense months ever experienced before if we
the right person for the job.

Each region will have a Regional Marketing Manager, also hired by the
RM, earn a salary and commission for products and services sold in

All of these positions have a competitive salary and benefits in
addition to the equity earnings. All will have extensive management
support in the startup stage. Please review our website www.gulftex.net

<http://www.gulftex.net/>   and then if any of this has interest to
please email me with any initial questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and attention.


John E. Teague,

GulfTex Environmental Services LLC
PO Box 2289          1733 Ridgecrest
Cleburne, Texas 76033
Office 817 558 6965   Fax 817 645 6165 
Cell1 817 239 6661   Cell2 817 371 7489 
jet@gulftex.net               www.gulftex.net <http://www.gulftex.net/>


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