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Re: P2 Checklist(s) for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Hi Lambro,

Here are some good resopurces on the internet on the Pharmaceuticals sector from P2Gems.  I hope this is useful!

Profile of the Pharmaceutical Industry
OECA Sector Notebook for the Pharmacutical Industry. Includes: - Introduction to the Industry - Industrial Process Description - Chemical Release and Transfer Profile - Pollution Prevention Opportunities - Summary of Applicable Federal Statutes and - Compliance and Enforcement History - Compliance Activities and Initiatives Chapter IX - Contacts/References

EPA Sector Notebooks
The EPA's Office of Compliance has developed a series of profiles or notebooks containing information on selected major industries. These notebooks, which focus on key indicators that holistically present air, water, and land pollutant release data.


And,.... from a process change perspective...

EPA, Design for Environment, Formulator Initiative
EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Program is a voluntary partnership program that works directly with industry to integrate health and environmental considerations into business decisions. A DfE partnership utilizes one or more of the following approaches: Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA), Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS), Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), Formulator Initiative, Best Shop Practices, Greening the Supply Chain, Other Related Tools. To date, EPA has addressed three ingredient classes: Nonionic Surfactants, Builders/Chelators, and Solvents.

Lund University, Microscale Chemistry
This site was developed by the Bioorganic Chemi

(See also http://www.silvertech.com/microscale/ -- I will be sure to include this in the P2gems database next round of updates!)

Janet Clark

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Dear fellow colleagues,

I am developing a series of P2 checklists for inspection of
pharmaceutical facilities.  Obviously, there are different P2 checklists
that will be used depending on the type(s) of manufacturing processes
used at a particular location.  If you know of any existing P2
checklists that are available, please let me know about them and if
possible, e-mail them to me.  Perhaps you can forward and circulate this
e-mail to other relevant contacts that you may have.  I would be willing
to share the P2 checklist(s) that I develop with those who are



Lampros E. Bourodimos, PhD, PE
Environmental Engineer
US Environmental Protection Agency - Region 2
Division of Environmental Science & Assessment
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2890 Woodbridge Avenue
Edison, NJ  08837-3679
voice (732) 321-6704
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