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FW: Improving Management of Household Prescription Medication Waste

Title: FW: Improving Management of Household Prescription Medication Waste

Dear P2Techers--

I recall a recent query about managing old pharmaceuticals from a hospice and subsequent responses.  Although this doesn't address the immediate need posed by the original posting, the following EPA-funded project may be worth following--

Improving Management of Household Prescription Medication Waste ($70,750)
EPA Sponsor: U.S. EPA Region 1
Partners: Northeast Recycling Council, Inc.; American Plastics Council; CVS Corporation; Capital Returns, Inc.; National Expired and Unused Medication Drive; PharmEcology Associates, LLC; Dillon Environmental Associates; Clean Harbors, Inc.; Franklin County Solid Waste Management District (MA); Pemi-Baker Solid Waste District (NH); Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation; Strong Pharmaceutical Services.
Overview: Through partnerships with private and public sector businesses and organizations, this pilot will develop and implement collection programs for household prescription medication waste(HPW) and bulk compounding chemicals. At present there are no widely available solutions for proper management of HPW. In conjunction with retail-based, senior center, and other household hazardous waste programs, this project will develop practical strategies for collecting HPW and ensuring their proper end-of-life management. Additionally, the pilot will develop best management practices for plastic medication containers.


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