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FW: Fluent/Native Spanish-speaking P2 assessment provider needed forGSN project in Puerto Rico

Hola, mi P2 compadres! 

Kris Pierre asked me to forward this to the list, as she was apparently
having problems getting this to P2TECH.  Note that I have edited the
request slightly (just out of habit), so any editorial errors are likely
to be mine.

Clearly, MY Spanish language skills are not up to the task at hand.  I
mean, you'd think that after 33 years, that junior high spanish would
come right back, but no....!  But this is a big list, with many talented
people subscribing -- so perhaps -- no, certainly! -- there are folks on
this list who might be interested in the following opportunity to travel
to Puerto Rico at the EPA's expense!

If you're interested, please remember -- respond to Kris.  I'm just the

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov)
From: Kristin Pierre (pierre.kristin@epamail.epa.gov)

To:       p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  Fluent/Native Spanish-speaking P2 assessment provider needed
for GSN project in Puerto Rico

All -

The Green Supplier Network (GSN) needs to identify a highly trained
state/regional P2 technical expert for a project in Puerto Rico for the
GSN Healthcare/Pharmaceutical group. The Green Suppliers Network (GSN),
a collaborative venture between industry, the EPA and the 360vu, the
national account brand of the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership
(MEP), works with all levels of the manufacturing supply chain to
achieve environmental and economic benefits.  See
http://www.epa.gov/p2/programs/gsn.htm for more details.

We will need the person for the 2nd and 3rd weeks on September.  US EPA
will cover travel costs for the trip.  Responses need quickly.   The
work will entail doing a process map/P2 assessment in conjunction with
the Lean training provided by PRiMEX (MEP center)  for 2 companies.  All
report writing is the responsibility of the MEP center but the P2 person
will be expected to contribute heavily to the final report.

If interested, please contact Kris Pierre at 202-564-8837


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