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RE: Preventive Maintenance For Lamps

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I ran into some stuff in the early '80s from the world of traffic engineering that documented that preventitive maintenance, i.e. change bulbs on a schedule, made financial sense, over & above the life safety issues raised by having a red light out at the wrong time.  (caveat: there is no good time for the bulb in the red signal to be out.)
Not much of a hint I'm afraid, but it's what I've got.
Bob Minicucci
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Subject: Preventive Maintenance For Lamps

Can anyone provide me with some information on preventive maintenance programs for commercial/industrial lighting, where all lamps are periodically changed at the same time, whether they need it or not?  This is supposed to save much money.  How does one determine the frequency of change-out?  How does one estimate the potential savings?  Are there any good case studies out there?  I would appreciate any information or leads you might have.

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