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RE: Preventive Maintenance For Lamps

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The concept of changing out all lamps at the same time can be economical pending actual circumstances.  Some items to consider are:

1)      Nearly all lamps have a loss of output over time.  The largest drop in output typically occurs during the last few thousand hours of lamp life.  If all lamps were installed at the same time, the thinking is that once several lamps burnout that the rest of the lamps are already functioning at or near reduced output levels and are also due to be changed.  Inexpensive lamps – like fluorescent – help make this case.

2)      If your staff needs to rent a lift to access lamps in high-bay areas, rent may be reduced doing all lamps rather than renting a unit several times yearly.

3)      Maintenance costs can be a large part of lamp replacement.  If you consider hauling a ladder out every time a few lamps burnout the time and effort adds up.  It can simply be more efficient labor-wise.  One LARGE benefit of LED or induction lighting is the exceptionally long life – 25+ years and ~10 years, respectively - and reduced maintenance costs.

4)      If your business has scheduled shut-downs for maintenance, it may be easier to change out all lamps at that time rather than when actively producing.  Food processing operations or anyone operating 24/7 might be an example where added care may be needed changing out lamps.  Commercial operations may be another example of where public perception makes it more appealing to get the job done rather than have a ceiling dotted with burnt out lamps.  Remember, although the lamp is burned-out the ballast continues to operate.  Like idling your car engine…zero miles per gallon.


Unfortunately, I have no case studies on the topic.  Check with a lighting professional.  A good one should be able to paint a much clearer picture.  Ric





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Can anyone provide me with some information on preventive maintenance programs for commercial/industrial lighting, where all lamps are periodically changed at the same time, whether they need it or not?  This is supposed to save much money.  How does one determine the frequency of change-out?  How does one estimate the potential savings?  Are there any good case studies out there?  I would appreciate any information or leads you might have.


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