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RE: A (mercifully short) postscript to my rambling missive regardingPreventive Maintenance For Lamps

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Judy, et al -
Re: the discussion about determining the economics of group relamping (replacing lamps all at once, according to schedule, rather than "as needed" aka spot relamping).
I spoke with one of the commercial lighting/energy efficiency gurus at our Lab (we have been involved in this issue for quite some time) and he passed along some resources worth noting.
Perhaps best of the bunch is "Introduction to Lighting Maintenance" by Craig DiLouie and Randy Smith of the Lighting Design Lab in Seattle:
According to the authors, group relamping has the following benefits:
  • Reduce nominal labor costs related to fixture relamping and cleaning by up to 70%
  • Reduce cost by concentrating lamp purchases into fewer, high-volume buys
  • Produce higher light levels over the life of the lighting system
  • Generate lighting upgrade opportunities such as reduced-output energy-saving lamps that take advantage of higher light levels to reduce energy costs
  • Ensure proper inspection and upkeep of the lighting system, such as ensuring batteries are charged for emergency lighting in compliance with regulations.  
    They also provide some direction on formulae used to calculate relative costs of group vs. spot relamping.  I've been told, however, that some of the underlying assumptions in these calculations need to be validated on a site-specific basis; for example, in some facilities, group relamping doesn't actually reduce true maintenance costs because this work is done on a "as time permits" basis, so the actual labor savings is not fully realized.
    He also provided the following links relative to the issue of relamping and mercury lamps, which I thought you might find relevant. 




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