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RE: Road/Bridge Construction Case Studies

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Hello Marianne,


I don't have specific answers to your question, but did want to share problems with bridge maintenance that have occurred in Washington State.  I guess you could call it a case study of what not to do.  Sometimes we assume contractors have already integrated lead compliance into their work by now, but situations like this remind us not to forget the basics.


Contractor Fined $148,700 For Exposing Workers to Lead During Bridge Repair



How to Avoid Lead Poisoning in Bridge Repair Work: A Fact Sheet for Bridge Workers


While doing the Google search to find these items above, another relevant page turned up:

Bridge Lead Paint Removal Bibliography



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Subject: Road/Bridge Construction Case Studies


The Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality is working with the Oregon Dept. of Transportation on a major effort to replace over 350 bridges on our state highways over the next ten years. 


Do any of you have case studies or other guidelines regarding best practices for bridge construction or road construction?  Much of ODOT's effort is focused on waste reduction, but I recall there has been some research on alternative paints and coatings and other practices.  We are also encouraging diesel emission reductions related to construction equipment.  


I've already checked P2Rx and the NC P2Pays websites for information, and have some information from CT DOT's I-95 project.  


Thanks for your help!


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