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Re: upping the ante on the P2Rx User Survey (If you're really focusing onwork today, don't bother following this thread...)

But if you've got a few minutes to spare, enter into the depths of me
trying to keep up with the wit of Scott Butner...  even though it's not a
fair fight, here's my feeble attempt...

Well, so, Scott is promising a free, guided, fly-fishing trip on the Yakima
to one lucky winner from taking the ChemAlliance survey!  As if Scott NEEDS
an excuse to go fly-fishing or to "guide" anyone on the sport!  If you give
him an opportunity, he'll never quit talking about fishing any time, any
place!  No, in fact, you are just providing feign legitimacy to our
friend's addiction.  Besides, who wants to float down a river in a barren
landscape to catch and release mercury-contaminated fish anyway?  (besides

So what additional incintive can little 'ol P2Rx offer?  (Beyond the P2Rx
cloth grocery bags, tee shirts, coffee mugs, and "Fight Waste" temporary
tattoos?)  Well, since I happen to be living in NEBRASKA (you know, it's
one of the square states in the middle) I can offer you a chance to get up
close and personal with crop circles.  (the secret is "center pivot
irrigation")  We also have some fantastic corn mazes, such as this one in
our regional partner, Kansas,
http://www.cornfieldmaze.com/sites.php?ID=&username=ksgrantville.  And if
that's not enough, Rick Yoder will let you participate in sustainable
agriculture on his acreage.  That's right, you can spread horse manure on
the crops.  (the jokes associating Rick and horse manure are all too
obvious and I won't bore you with them here...)

Now that you've wasted at least 30 seconds reading this dribble, what's
another minute or two on a legitimate service to the P2ers of America, the
red, white, and blue (patriotic music, please...)  Go to www.p2rx.org, take
the survey, enter the drawing (and hope you don't get picked for the grand
prize) and make your contribution to a better environment!!!!

(Or just complain to Great Lakes and get me thrown off the list...)

Jean S. Waters
Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange
Nebraska Business Development Center
6001 Dodge St. RH 308
Omaha, NE  68182
402-554-6259 (voice)
402-554-6260 (FAX)


|         |           "Butner, R Scott"|
|         |           <scott.butner@pnl|
|         |           .gov>            |
|         |                            |
|         |           09/14/2004 11:00 |
|         |           AM               |
  |                                                                                                                              |
  |       To:       P2tech@great-lakes.net                                                                                       |
  |       cc:       Jean S Waters <jwaters@mail.unomaha.edu>                                                                     |
  |       Subject:  upping the ante on the ChemAlliance User Survey                                                              |


I never thought I'd find myself in a bidding war with Jean Waters, but life
is full of surprises…and those P2Rx people are just plain ruthless!  <grin>

Two weeks ago, I sent a note to this list requesting the assistance of the
P2TECH community in providing feedback to ChemAlliance.  We are currently
in the midst of our annual user survey, an online survey we use to better
understand the needs of our users and evaluate our efforts.  The survey is
available online now at http://www.chemalliance.org/2004ChemSurvey.html.
We've streamlined the survey a bit compared to previous years, and you'll
find that filling it out takes just a few minutes of your time.

For those of you who have already responded, thanks.

As in the past, we are providing an incentive to entice you to fill out the
survey:  Anyone filling out the survey between now, and October 10, 2004
has the option of providing their name and contact information, to be
entered in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate redeemable through
Amazon.com.  Use the prize to renew your subscription to "Lint Collector's
Digest," replace your worn out Frank Zappa albums, or buy the collected
works of Homer Shakespeare (William's rarely-discussed, and not-so-bright,

I certainly thought that this was a good incentive.  But then, I saw Jean's
email (9/13/04) to this list regarding the P2Rx user survey, and have
decided to up the ante for our survey as well.

Well, we don't have shopping bags or tatoos at ChemAlliance.  At least,
none we're willing to admit to. But we do have a director who is a
fanatical fly fisherman.

So, in addition to the Amazon certificate, we will also be selecting one
lucky participant who will win a deluxe, all-day, fly fishing (or
sightseeing, if you're so inclined) trip for two down Washington State's
scenic Yakima Canyon!  You'll see the river from the comfort of a 17 foot
drift boat, rowed by none other than yours truly.  Since the Yakima River
is open for fishing year-around, the trip can be scheduled at your
convenience (airfare and local lodging are not provided, but if you ask
nicely, I will let you borrow my tent and sleeping bags).  A hot lunch,
appropriate beverages, and all fishing gear will be provided, for this
trip-of-a-lifetime. Spend the day drifting down Washington State's only
Blue Ribbon trout river, beneath basalt walls that tower up to 1,500 feet
above the river.  Depending on the time of year, you will also have a good
chance of seeing Big Horn sheep, mule deer, mink, otter, beaver, and a
variety of birds including Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Red-Winged
Blackbirds, Osprey and Golden and Bald Eagles.

Those of you who have already taken the survey, will be automatically
entered into the drawing.  If the winner of the drawing for the trip is not
able to accept the prize, we will keep selecting until we find one who is.

OK, so this isn't costing ChemAlliance anything.  I admit it.  But such
trips would cost you at least $350/day with a professional guide, many of
whom have less experience on the river than I do.

And, as my friend Jean so concisely points out, if you don't do this for
the prizes, do it to help ChemAlliance serve you better.

Yeah, I'm paraphrasing a bit, but if SHE was director of ChemAlliance,
that's what she'd say!

That survey URL again, is http://www.chemalliance.org/2004ChemSurvey.html.
Scott Butner
Director, ChemAlliance
c/o Pacific NW National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA  99352
Voice: (509)-372-4946/Fax: (509) 375-2443
Website: http://www.chemalliance.org/
E-mail: scott.butner@pnl.gov

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