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UNEP/SETAC LCI Database Registry

I have the attachment describing the program, if you're interested.

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Subject: UNEP/SETAC LCI Database Registry - if interest in getting your database registered please reply to this mail
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 20:40:25 +0200
From: "Sonnemann Guido" <gsonnemann@UNEP.FR>
To: "Sonnemann Guido" <gsonnemann@UNEP.FR>
CC: "Huber Barbara" <barbara.huber@unep.fr>

Dear all,

If you are in any way connected with providing Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data
this message is for you.

Please read further to find out how your database can be included in the
UNEP/SETAC LCI Database Registry; a comprehensive web-based listing of
available LCI databases for the world LCA community.

The work to compile the registry is being undertaken by Task Force 1 of
the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative's Inventory Programme. The database
registry will provide a comprehensive survey of the growing wealth of
LCI data resources in existence, and will contribute to the capacity
building efforts of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative by highlighting
where data gaps exit, as well as by providing a useful resource for LCI
data users worldwide.

LCI databases are currently poorly networked and most projects to be
representative of a particular geographical subset of the whole. We
therefore aim to establish worldwide contacts with all  LCI database
projects, including:
- National database projects
- Industry association databases (private sector special interest groups)
- Proprietary databases (e.g. those bundled with LCA software)
- Input-Output based LCI databases
- Academic, research databases

If you are involved in any such LCI database project, or have completed
such a project in the past, please reply to this mail. We consider this
reply as an of
expression of interest to UNEP to get your database
registered. You are invited to send a brief database description with
your reply. Later on, you will be contacted  to formalise your
in this exciting project by filling in a short questionnaire.

In the short survey you will be asked to provide contact details, web links
(if available) and some basic information about your database (e.g. access
to data, cost, geographical coverage, materials/processes included).
The database registry will be published as a regularly updated web-portal,
together with a summary document. The registry will be published in English,
but if you would like to receive the survey in Japanese, please state this
in your reply.

Please find attached a short description on the US LCI database project to
give you an idea of what type of information we would like to publish.  
f you
have any questions, please contact me or look for
some more background
on the SETAC/UNEP Life Cycle Initiative at:

Please forward this email (or send us an introduction) to anyone you
know involved in LCI database development that you think would like to
be informed of the database registry.

Best regards,
Guido Sonnemann

Secretariat UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative


Guido Sonnemann - Associate Programme Officer
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics - United Nations Environment Programme
Tour Mirabeau, 39-43 quai André Citroen, 75739 Paris
Tel: +33-144377622 Fax: +33-144371474 Email: guido.sonnemann@unep.fr

Please note that UNEP does not necessarily guarantee, advise or condone the views or information displayed in this email.

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