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RE: Chemical Inventory Software

Hi Deb


I’m not sure if they have a software program that they use for purchasing, but MIT has a very good web site for their own environmental management programs at http://web.mit.edu/environment/ (Takes a bit to open but this is the correct address) and there may be a contact there as well as the virtual campus they developed http://www.c2e2.org/evc/home.html which is pretty nifty.


We have done some work at our campuses to better monitor purchasing of chemicals and hazardous materials but nothing organized enough to offer as a package. Each one seems to handle it a different way and then toss in the ability of researchers to order what they need for research-it makes it difficult.






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A colleague at a university contacted me in need of some assistance.  They are looking for a chemical inventory management software system that would link various university departments and possibly establish a inter-university chemical store where surplus chemicals could be transferred to other departments, etc.  Does anyone have suggestions for software vendors and systems that I can provide?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Deb Jacobson

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