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A Christmas Tradition: "A (Pollution Prevention) Night Before Christmas"

Title: A Christmas Tradition: "A (Pollution Prevention) Night Before Christmas"

Please excuse the cross-postings.

For several years now, ChemAlliance has posted "A (P2) Night Before Christmas" on our web site as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Holidays. 

This year is no exception.  You can read this holiday poem at  http://www.chemalliance.org/index.asp.  Follow the link to "A (P2) Night Before Christmas"

Our apologies to both Clement Clarke Moore *and* Bob Pojasek.  <wink>

And though environmental buzzphrases may come and go, we hope that this Christmas season finds you and your loved ones well, your paperwork up to date, and your inbox filled with only good news.

And that the New Year is even better.

from the staff at ChemAlliance - Scott, Lesley, Marina, Sadie and Connie
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