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Reviews of green biz certification programs?

Happy New Year all!  This is not so technical a question but this is the
right group to ask...

Out here in Seattle I am working with a regional group that is interested in
Green Business Certification Programs managed by local governments.  We
think this could be a good approach to promote to our coastal communities.
There are about a dozen such programs I know of, listed below.  

We are considering organizing a national conference on the design and
implementation of such programs, to take place in mid 2005.  Thus I am
interested to know if anyone has done an analysis of the successes and
failures of such programs, or if there has been or will be soon any projects
to compare how these programs work at promoting P2 to local companies.  We
want to learn the best practices but don?t want to duplicate other work.

I already talked with the Green Business Certification Program website
manager, Sara Diefendorf at EPA Region IX, and we hope to collaborate on
this too.  http://www.greenstart.org/efc9/gbcp/about.htm.  

If you have any info to share we will be grateful to get it soon as we are
preparing a grant application this month to support the conference.  Thanks
a lot!

-- Green Business Certification Programs managed by local governments:

1.	Alaska:  Green Star, Inc.
2.	Arizona: Green Business Program 
3.	California:  Bay Area Green Business Programs in Alameda County,
Contra Costa County, Marin County, Napa County, Santa Clara County, Sonoma
County; Green Business Program, Sacramento ; Green Business Program, Santa
Cruz & Monterey; Clean Bay Business, Palo Alto; San Francisco Green Business
4.	Colorado:  Partners for A Clean Environment, Boulder
5.	Georgia:  Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P²AD)
Partnership Program
6.	Hawaii:  Green Business Program
7.	Idaho:  Gem Stars
8.	Michigan:  Great Printers Project, Clean Corporate Citizen
9.	Montana:  EcoStar
10.	New Mexico:  Green Zia
11.	Oregon:  Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow
12.	South Carolina:  South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program
13.	Vermont:  Vermont Environmental Assistance Partnership
14.	Washington:  EnviroStar and Construction Works, King County

-- There are enough players now, so what are the common themes for success,
failure, lessons learned??  Is anyone else planning to work on this
question?  Thanks for any input or references you can provide.  I will post
a digest of responses.

Burton Hamner
Director, Cleaner Production International
Producer, http://www.CleanerProduction.Com -- Rated No.1 on Google for
"Cleaner Production"
5534 30th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 91805
(206) 526-5308
mobile (206) 491-0945
fax (206) 260-1399

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