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Earth Day 2005 Activities?

Title: Earth Day 2005 Activities?

P2TECH-ies --

As you probably know (because, by and large, P2TECH subscribers are a very bright bunch) International Earth Day 2005 is scheduled for March 20. 

In anticipation of Earth Day, ChemAlliance (www.chemalliance.org) will be publishing a series of articles on Green Chemistry, Sustainability, and related topics during the month of March.  To find out more about each of these articles as they appear, check our home page  starting February 28, 2005 (although, we certainly encourage you to check it BEFORE then, as well!).  These articles will specifically address how these issues impact our target audience, which is environmental managers in the chemical industry, and the technical assistance providers who work with them. 

In recent years, many chemical companies have been involved in a variety of environmental activities in honor of Earth Day, as a way of showcasing their environmental commitments and as a way of promoting more effective dialog about environmental issues with the communities in which they are located.*  One of the articles we have planned is a review of earth day activities by organizations involved in or with the Chemical Industry -- not only chemical manufacturers and transporters, but trade associations, professional societies and technical assistance providers.  We'd like to examine the what/why/how of these projects and activities, in hopes of encouraging more small companies to find ways to look "beyond compliance" in their environmental programs.  We are particularly interested in learning about:

- educational programs
- outreach efforts (community awareness, etc)
- financial contributions (e.g., sponsorship of community environmental projects)
- employee programs/employee participation in environmental projects

If you are planning an event or activity related to Earth Day 2005 which involves (directly or indirectly) the chemical manufacturing or allied industries, we'd appreciate hearing about it.  In fact, if you can let us know on or before March 8, 2005, we will make sure that it is advertised on our news page, and we may include it in a special feature article we are preparing on how the Chemical Industry responds to Earth Day.

If you'd like to get some visibility for your project/event/activity, please send me (mailto:scott.butner@pnl.gov)  the following information:

Company/Organization name:
Event Name:
Event Description (200 words or less)
Event location
event website URL (if available)
Name of organizer
Phone of organizer
email of organizer

Thanks in advance
*  I realize the more cynical among us may ascribe other motivations to these activities, but let's make that a discussion for another day.  Perhaps over a root beer at the National Environmental Summit (http://www.environmentalsummit.org/).  <grin>

Scott Butner
Director, ChemAlliance
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