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New Frontiers in Green Buildings teleconferences

Please excuse cross-postings. If you have questions about these teleconferences, please e-mail blayer@InformInc.org directly. She is not subscribed to the list.


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Below is an announcement for two free teleconferences on pollution prevention through purchasing, focused on building materials and supplies. These teleconference are co-sponsored by INFORM, a not-for-profit environmental research orgnanaization located in New York and the Great Lakes Protection Fund. Any regional, state, county and municipal environmental, purchasing, and building professionals in the Great Lakes Region are invited to attend.



New Frontiers in Green Buildings:
Eliminating Toxic Substances from Building Materials and Supplies

Two Free Teleconferences
*   February 16, 2005   2 - 4 pm (EST)
    PBTs in Building Materials and PBT-free Alternatives
*   March 2, 2005   2 -4 pm (EST)
    Toxins in Building Supplies and Cost-Effective Alternatives

Background: Highly persistent bioaccumulative toxins (PBTs), such as lead,
mercury, cadmium and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are ubiquitous in
building mechanical systems, lighting systems, finishes and supplies. In
addition to being highly toxic, PBTs linger in the environment and
concentrate in the tissues of living organisms. As a result, these chemicals
can cause serious damage to wildlife and the environment, even when released
in very small quantities. PBTs are already causing problems for human
health. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found
that close to 10 percent of women of childbearing age in the US have enough
mercury in their bodies to put a fetus at risk, and recent research shows
that levels of lead previously considered "safe" are associated with
impaired neurological function.

Teleconference Agenda: INFORM has developed a teleconference series to
educate procurement, building and environmental professionals about products
that contain PBTs and how to select cost-effective, environmentally
preferable alternatives that meet or exceed performance specifications. This
is an opportunity to learn and ask questions of environmental experts,
procurement specialists and your peers without leaving your office! More
information and the agenda is available on INFORM's website

Who Should Attend: State, county and municipal purchasers, building
construction and maintenance personnel, environmental professionals.

How to register: Registration forms and a more detailed agenda are available
on INFORM's website http://informinc.org/invite/0502/index.php

For more information please contact:
Cameron S. Lory
Senior Associate
Chemical Hazards Prevention Program Coordinator
212 361 2400 x232

INFORM, is a national, non profit, environmental research and outreach
organization based in New York City. For 30 years INFORM has been educating
professionals and the public about effective environmentally preferable
approaches to conducting business.

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