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Re: need help for a Commercial lawn care emissions workshop

Stopwaste.org has conducted classes for landscapers, and may have lessons for you
(focus was not ozone, however)

Mowers and leaf blowers would be two key culprits. P2 opportunities would revolve around
fuel use, fuel type, and amount of time (or area ) they're needed.

One prevention mechanism is an ordinance outlawing leafblowers unless they're
renewable-electric. Biodiesel is also great for VOC's and getting very abundant
in the Midwest, but does have NOx issues. Rakes are not necessarily more time-intensive, I suspect,
in the right applications

Regarding time, main issue is having areas that need to be cleared of leaves (versus composting to regenerate soil vitality). You may be able to find native grasses or other plants that do not grow so high. A shift to providing a service installing greater garden space would also help, and may not necessarily require a shift in their business model if they build in an economic incentive to push this with clients .

Jean S Waters wrote:

My collegue, Steve Travis, is planning a workshop for the commercial lawn
care industry in the Kansas City area, which is facing non-attainment for

Please contact Steve (he's copied on this message) if you've had any
experiance putting on such a workshop - especially, how do you get them to
come to it?

Also, he's looking for specific ways to reduce VOC and NOx emissions -
BMPs, fertilizers that keep grass healthy but allow for less mowing, etc.
There is quite a bit available addressing the runoff from lawns but he
needs to focus on air emissions.  Still, any experience you've had will be


Jean S. Waters
Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange
Nebraska Business Development Center
6001 Dodge St. RH 308
Omaha, NE  68182
402-554-6259 (voice)
402-554-6260 (FAX)


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