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useful blogs

Hi Guys,

We have a blog -- TURI's short weekly library bulletin of hot titles "GREENLIST" is now available as a blog from http://www.turi.org/content/rss/feed/greenlist. See the bulletin on our site at http://www.turi.org/content/content/view/full/1938/  or you can also add content to your website, if you want.

I am occasionally checking in with the following blogs for technology innovation, management tools and also... hope :

[][] BC Bioneers Conference
[][] Enviropundit: Green Building Blog (78)
[][] Gil Friend: Sustainability (25)
[][] Greenlist (tm) Bulletin (5)
[][] Grist Magazine (103)
[][] Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward (6)
[][] macroscopic - Energy, Community, Sustainability, Peace.
[][] sustainablog (176)
[][] WorldChanging: Another World Is Here (166)
[][] Z+Blog! (3)

If this kind of news feed is useful to you, I recommend Bloglines --  "a free web-based tool that lets you read and keep up with all your news feeds and blogs from one central page." 

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Adjusted for production, TURA filers have decreased their toxic chemical use by 45% and
are generating 69% less byproducts. During this same eleven years,  core TURA filers reported
an overall 45% increase in production!