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RE: Baghouse waste from foundry industry

Title: RE: Baghouse waste from foundry industry
Not an easy problem for sure.
1. I looked at options people were submitting through a P2 planning tool we have, and saw a general description of an option that entailed evaluating the raw materials to minimize toxic constituenets see: http://www.zerowastenetwork.org/P2Options/dsp_optionsUsers.cfm?processId=129
2. A little research turned up this article http://www.recyclingtoday.com/articles/article.asp?Id=4266&SubCatID=88&CatID=28  that discusses recovering the lead from the dust, then using the dust in bricks.
3. Similarly, this company http://cbi.dk/steel_frame1.htm#Dust%20Recycling%20System claims it can reinject the baghouse dust into the slag.
All three options would require investigation to see if the vendors claims fit his situration.  This issue is very challenging.  I visited an Armory that spent two years getting permissions through the various agencies for a dust recovery system from a painting process. A similar project in industry would probably take a minimum of a year to evaluate and implement.  But it would also probalby save them a lot of money, and vastly reduce their liability.

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A company I work with makes baghouse dust which goes off as Haz waste D008.  I see
no way of recycling under RCRA because the lead is not found in other raw materials
for which the baghouse dust might substitute, such as fill media in concrete.  If some one has a solution please post it to P2tech.

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Can anyone assist this gentleman?

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Subject: Baghouse waste from foundry industry

Do you have any P2 practices to reduce/reuse/recycle the baghouse wastes that are generated from foundry industry [alloy casting)? Thanks

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