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RE: Baghouse waste from foundry industry

Lead, however, has been known to leach out from various plastic products.  There was a famous alert on this several years ago, concerning plastic blinds. Several plastic toys for children - jewelry in particular - have been subject to recalls and alerts.  Secondly, what is the fate of the lead-containing plastic when the item is disposed?  Is it to be burned in a waste incinerator?  This option might be ok if the lead will not leach (outdoor items are subject to weathering) and the plastic will be recovered and recycled back into something else that does end up releasing the lead, and if it's not small enough to be swallowed by kids...

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There are some plastic furniture and fixture manufacturers that can incorporate/recycle lead-ladened debis into their products.  The lead actually lends integral strength  These also include outdoor furniture, decorative objects and parking lot items.  Certain of these manufacturers blend the debris into their process as is, so that the debris woud not be regulated as hazardous waste at the federal level.
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	A company I work with makes baghouse dust which goes off as Haz waste D008.  I see 
	no way of recycling under RCRA because the lead is not found in other raw materials 
	for which the baghouse dust might substitute, such as fill media in concrete.  If some one has a solution please post it to P2tech.

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	Can anyone assist this gentleman? 

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	Do you have any P2 practices to reduce/reuse/recycle the baghouse wastes that are generated from foundry industry [alloy casting)? Thanks

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