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RE: Coal Gasification question

I don't know very much about coal gasification, but I've noticed that
environmental groups in both Illinois and Wisconsin favor this
combustion technology over conventional pulverized coal and fluidized
bed systems.  Illinois government officials are also pursuing the
FutureGen Project.  See web links below. 

I'm also aware of two projects where coal gasification systems are
being demonstrated on a commercial stage - Tampa Electric Power Station
and the Wabash River Repowering Project in Indiana.  





Kevin Greene
Illinois EPA

>>> "Kevin Dick" <dick@unr.edu> 03/22/05 4:31 PM >>>
I do not.  But, I noted the quote in DOE's promotional material...

"The initiative will be a government/industry partnership to pursue an
innovative 'showcase' project focused on the design, construction and
operation of a technically cutting-edge power plant that is intended
eliminate environmental concerns associated with coal utilization."

Our power utility, Sierra Pacific Power Company, entered into a
"industry/government partnership" with DOE for a coal gasification
at their Tracy, Nevada plant a number of years ago and the unit has
never operated properly.  My understanding is the gasification unit is
now sitting idle.  Folks may want to count to ten before rushing in
the potential distribution of revenue streams.

 Also, I'm relieved to know that the only environmental concerns
associated with coal utilization are at the power plant.  I thought I
had once heard of something involving the actual mining of the coal.  

On the bright side, at least this is an initiative to reduce coal
power plant emissions rather than sanctioning more of them....

Kevin Dick

Business Environmental Program







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 Does anyone have any information on the potential impact and/or
emissions from a coal gasification plant that would also provide CO2
sequestration?  The DOE is presenting this technology as the pollution
free power plant of the future (see
http://www.fe.doe.gov/news/techlines/2003/tl_futuregen1.html or read
short article below).  The project name is FutureGen - "a $1 billion
venture that will combine electricity and hydrogen production with the
virtual total elimination of harmful emissions, including greenhouse

Too good to be true?  There are some concerned communities that would
like to know more.

Sarah Diefendorf
Executive Director
Environmental Finance Center, Region 9
Alameda Point
851 W Midway Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
PH: 415-664-4715 
FX: 415-664-1675


FutureGen is an initiative to build the world's first integrated
sequestration and hydrogen production research power plant. The $1
billion dollar project is intended to create the world's first
zero-emissions fossil fuel plant. When operational, the prototype will
be the cleanest fossil fuel fired power plant in the world.

The initiative is a response to President Bush's directive to draw
the best scientific research to address the issue of global climate
change. The production of hydrogen will support the President's call
create a hydrogen economy and fuel pollution free vehicles; and the
of coal will help ensure America's energy security by developing
technologies that utilize a plentiful domestic resource. 

Additionally, other countries will be invited to participate in the
demonstration project through the Carbon Sequestration Leadership
and other mechanisms.

The prototype plant will establish the technical and economic
feasibility of producing electricity and hydrogen from coal (the
cost and most abundant domestic energy resource), while capturing and
sequestering the carbon dioxide generated in the process. The
will be a government/industry partnership to pursue an innovative
'showcase' project focused on the design, construction and operation
a technically cutting-edge power plant that is intended to eliminate
environmental concerns associated with coal utilization. This will be
'living prototype' with future technology innovations incorporated
the design as needed.

The project will employ coal gasification technology integrated with
combined cycle electricity generation and the sequestration of carbon
dioxide emissions. The project will be supported by the ongoing coal
research program, which will also be the principal source of
for the prototype. The project will require 10 years to complete and
will be led by an industrial consortium representing the coal and
industries, with the project results being shared among all
participants, and industry as a whole.

In the operational phase, the project will generate revenue streams
the sales of electricity, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The revenue
be shared among the project participants (including the U.S.
in proportion to their respective cost-sharing percentage.


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