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Re: An Open Letter to the Board of the National P2 Roundtable

Dear P2techers,
Although I haven't been around as long as Scott, I have been around the P2 
field awhile. I, too, have seen the attempts at NPPR to re-invent itself, to renew 
it's appeal. I don't think re-naming the organization will help. An organization is 
only as strong as its membership, and if membership or participation is a 
problem, then the organization has a problem. The name National Pollution 
Prevention Roundtable represented a team to me. But I think it has become 
fractured and weakened by trying to be too many things, to too many people, in 
too many organizations (or "offices" if you will);  people can only be spread so 
thin or they cease to be effective (there's only so many hours a professional can 
devote to a membership organization...). I would like to see NPPR re-focus and 
concentrate it's efforts in mostly technical areas that will help it's constituency be 
successful promoting environmental protection and waste reduction. 

Right now I think those areas must include "Measurement and Proof" that 
technical assistance works. NPPR is working on measurement--this is great and 
of great benefit to our programs. However, it appears to me that we've all left 
out our best "Proof" supporter of them all: our clients. Our clients will support 
our successes and I believe that MANY of them would be willing to write letters 
of support to validate the opinion that each and everyone of our technical 
assistance programs across the U.S. have tangible worth to them. Although I 
myself have never supported NPPR's place in policy develop per se, I do believe 
P2 policy and program support from the federal level are very important. It 
became a central topic in many an agenda of NPPR board meetings and 
informal professional gatherings at the conferences I attended. Our clients can 
help drive policy. Trade associations can help drive policy. Business. Industry. 
The people we work for and THE missing representatives at NPPR 
conferences. And, I believe, a vital, missing link.

Every organization reaches a peak of activity and productiveness, and the people 
involved in those activities reach peaks also. I learned a tremendous amount of 
information at NPPR conferences and met many people whose expertise helped 
me to help my customers-that's the only reason I went to the conferences. (and I 
do miss seeing all of the P2 professionals that helped me learn and grow in this 

Those opinions given, I offer one more: if the a new organization name offered 
up for NPPR was indeed "The Sustainable Production and Consumption 
Roundtable" (and I hope Scott mis-understood or the name was offered in jest), 
please reconsider! It sounds bulimic and a little too capitalistic...
Sherry Davis
Sherry J. Davis, CHMM
Industrial P2 Specialist
133 Ward Hall,KSU
Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
Fax: 785-532-6952
Phone: 1-800-578-8898

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