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best new P2 sites / resources for 2004?

Hi all.  I am updating the resource directories on my website, cleanerproduction.com and am looking for recommendations for new sites and resources.  It is just impossible even for me, a confirmed webaddict, to keep up with it all just within P2 in North America.  I hope you might know of sites or resources that are


1)       new since 2004

2)       focused primarily on businesses and P2 or new technology/management for production

3)       that are or provide good reference materials that businesses can actually use


I am scanning the usual suspects – P2RX, P2Pays, CNCPP, UN, EPA etc.  Curious if there are new trade association resources to check (Yes Scott Butner I am scanning AICHE and AWMA!)


Thanks for any suggestions, I hope you will respond to the list as well so more can learn of the new good stuff.


On a related subject, I am looking into more connections between the Baldrige National Quality Program and P2, has anyone any recent explicit experience with integrating these two?  I have Bob Pojasek’s stuff of course but hope there are more recent cases available.


And by the way, I will NOT be renaming my website “Sustainable and Cleaner Production.Com”!  No one knows what is cleaner production in North America, I should add sustainability to it as well??  Might as well work in Swahili.  It’s been a good dialogue to follow and I agree with the majority, tho Linda Pratt is right, sustainability has to get factored into the P2 system somehow, and specifically, eventually.


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